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KISTERS Big Data Analytics

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From Raw Data to Actionable Insights

As recent developments continue to accelerate the digitization of the economy, data-driven decision making is getting more and more in the focus of businesses. Research has shown that organizations that drive their business operations and strategy on data, are among the top-tier of their industry.

Through improved data-driven decision making, KISTERS customers meet their business goals and stay competitive in their markets. With KISTERS Data Analytics, businesses derive powerful insights from data generated along their value chain (e.g. Internet of Things and related environments).

In Practice: Customer Value with Data Analytics

Whether you want to leverage your existing data to optimize your existing business settings, monetize on newly gained insights or explore new business models
to potentially disrupt your competitive environment, KISTERS Data Analytics will support you achieving your business goals. It effectively couples proven software solutions
with KISTERS’ deep market knowledge in business fields such as energy, water and air quality, and a solid foundation in computer sciences. Our customers take advantage
of data analytics adapted to their specific markets and needs.

Read more about the benefi ts that have been achieved:

Energy Utilities

  • At a German Distribution System Operator (DSO), the ability to leverage data in order to gain new insights has led to better grid stability and improved technical maintenance, and - as a final result - the minimization of the risks of black-outs.
  • An Italian Energy Utility was able to minimize penalties and to save costs in energy procurement by 15 % in the first 12 months.
  • A German Electric Utility saved 21 % of its wholesale costs by applying predictive analytics to anticipate load forecasts.
  • One of the largest Austrian power traders achieved costs savings in the range of 18 % per year since using KISTERS Data Analytics.

Water Utilities

  • One of the largest Water Supply companies in Europe saved 20 % just by analysing how energy was used over the last 12 months.
  • A South European Water Utility decreased business risk and saved energy costs through the use of KISTERS’ optimization algorithms for its pumping scheduling.
  • A large North American Water Treatment Plant Utility improved operational effectiveness by 30 % based on time saved to generate compliance reports.

Air Quality Monitoring

  • Many citizens ask themselves the question whether it is safe to breathe today. Data analytics helps finding clarity amid the smog by publishing air quality indicators for cities.
  • Several regional environmental agencies produce reports compliant with national and EU legislation in a largely automated process.
  • In the most popoulus Australian State, citizens are effectively warned about threshold exceedance by means of free warning messages through SMS, email and mobile app.
  • Regional EPA’s in New Zealand and Germany automate the process of publishing processed data on open data platforms.

Water Management & Environmental Monitoring

  • A main Swiss authority prevented citizens from exposing themselves to contaminated swimming water after an industrial accident.
  • At a Dutch Water Board KISTERS Data Analytics improved procedures and shortened reaction times to trigger contingency plans, thus saving millions of euros of material damage during the last two flood events.
  • At a European Flood Forecast Center advanced and adaptive statistical forecast algorithms deliver an additional valuable and accurate forecast to the classical flood forecast models.

Traffic & Logistics

  • The port companies at a large European Port Authority increased their effi ciency by 27 %, because on a daily basis over 100,000 truck trips are flowing through the harbor in an optimized way.

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Consultancy, Training & Service

The KISTERS team with experts from the water management and IT industries support the entire life cycle of your water solution right from the beginning with extensive consulting: We select the readymade standard modules to build and configure the exact solution that fits your business needs. Training offers and manuals tailored to your organization, round-the-clock internet support and a telephone hotline all serve to help you with any operational issues.


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