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Professional Rating Curve Development

Take advantage of proven methods and workflows from our community

If as standalone or as module of your enterprise solution, the quality of your ratings will increase with the combination of methods and tools. You can iterate step by step and segment by segment to a better flow calculation for natural, standard or combined cross sections. At any point in time you can react upon seasonal impacts or changes in the hydraulic regime. We offer full access to proven methods from the German Federal Institute of Hydrology (BfG), the Environment Agency of England (EA), the United States Geological Survey (USGS) and additional experts from many other authorities.

Monitor and evaluate your gauging pool for changes

The identification of gauging clusters and outliers is not only the first but also the most important step at the beginning of a new rating. Search the gauging pool by measurement device, by teams, by time range and season or by value ranges. All filter criteria can be incrementally combined and individually colour coded. Save and re-apply your filters in the iterative approached towards new ratings.

Combine methods segment by segment

Get control over the hydraulic regime for each individual segment of a cross section. Identify the change points and introduce new rating segments either as consecutive or overlapping segments. This helps you to get the right regression intersect and develop a rating that is monotonously increasing at any point. Choose the right extrapolation rule for ungauged or sparsely gauged low flow and high flow conditions. You can continue with the last known flow value, extrapolate or set gaps instead.

Professional change management

Create your workbench and derive different versions without interacting with officially release ratings. Each rating is fully version controlled and you can preview temporarily the flow results for each change you introduce- the Ideal workbench to compare the impact of different methods to the flow volume. Statistical analytics supports your decision to update existing ratings over time. The fully featured rating history enables you to introduce new ratings exactly at the new start date. Alternatively transitions periods between two ratings help you to introduce the change smoothly.

Control the irregularities

Within a given period of applicability the rating faces seasonal or hydraulic irregularities. If impacted by weed growth, backwater influences or by the hysteresis, the KISTERS rating solution supports you to with a series of possibilities. Stage shift methods, flow reductions methods such as the ETA Method or loop curve resolutions guide you at your fingertip.

Did you know…

That you can also develop … 3D ratings (flood gate ratings), index velocity, slope area, stage volume or sediment curves.

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Consultancy, Training & Service

The KISTERS team with experts from the water management and IT industries support the entire life cycle of your water solution right from the beginning with extensive consulting: We select the readymade standard modules to build and configure the exact solution that fits your business needs. Training offers and manuals tailored to your organization, round-the-clock internet support and a telephone hotline all serve to help you with any operational issues.


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