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FieldVisits – field data app

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Digitize field operations for accuracy, efficiency, value

Mobile devices - smartphones, tablets and notebooks - enable the quick integration of valuable data and insights from field inspections and operations with data stored and processed within KISTERS Water Solution.

KISTERS’ FieldVisits mobile application guides field staff step-by-step through standard operating procedures or site-specific protocols. Enter readings, measurements and samplings directly into the intuitive user interface. Menus and buttons standardize data collection. Upon entry, data are subjected to validation rules to save time and improve the quality of the data.

Users have options to record additional observations and enhance the information with photos and/or videos. Agencies and utilities can document maintenance and repair work as well as calibration measurements.

No network access? FieldVisits lets you work autonomously even offline: Configure the app in advance in the office and download relevant information to the mobile device before heading out of office. When connectivity is reestablished, field data can be transferred easily to your KISTERS Water Solution. The information is automatically assigned to your gauging stations, sampling locations, groundwater wells and piezometers, dam monitoring points, or weather stations.

On-site monitoring

FieldVisits is ideal for all types of discrete monitoring programs, which measure a variety of parameters over a long period. For example, use it to conduct inspections for dam safety or sustainable urban drainage systems maintenance. The app offers different forms for water level readings, water quality sampling, maintenance, calibration measurements, and more field work. FieldVisits also allows parallel entries if the measuring point has several different characteristics, e.g. water quantity and quality.

On-site efficiency

With less personnel and more workload, employees need to feel equipped and supported to succeed. The FieldVisits app is simple, user-friendly, and available in several languages.

Use QR codes and barcodes to automatically identify measuring points.

Responsive design ensures that FieldVisits always displays relevant information and presents it in an appropriate size. For example, the app displays parameters intended for recording at the respective measuring point and it dynamically adapts to the screen size of the mobile device in use.

Since a single monitoring location may require different criteria to be collected, switching between relevant digital forms is fast and easy. Integrated validation rules reduce input errors.

Furthermore, numerous methods for measuring discharge are already standard in the app. After entering the hydraulic conditions, the result is calculated automatically. And of course, you can also take photos and videos and save them directly in the app.

Offline reliability

FieldVisits works well even without a network connection. All relevant information can be downloaded at the office and accessed in the field, to quickly determine if new readings are consistent. When the device is offline, FieldVisits records and stores present monitoring information in the memory of the device. Then the app transmits the information once the field team member is back online or in the office. Various options such as mobile connection and data transfer via REST API, s/FTP and web portal are available for this purpose.

Better data quality

Only regularly maintained devices and stations provide reliable data. Information about sensors and monitoring equipment used at the measuring point can be exchanged between FieldVisits and WISKI via the device management mode. FieldVisits enables organizations to document metadata, repair work performed on-site and maintenance protocols. After defining common challenges to data quality, field staff can annotate their notes with labels such as "construction on-site", "blocked measuring instruments", "weak battery" or "dirty sensor". Labels conveniently explain deteriorations in data quality compared to previous visits.

Organize your field visits

KISTERS innovations support the full spectrum of your water management activities: planning, operations, and monitoring. WISKI can be utilized to define, coordinate and validate field visits as well as synthesize, analyze and report on the water quality targets have been achieved.

With full access to all relevant field records in WISKI, manually entered field data can be confirmed at any time with all other data at the selected measuring point. Keep a constant eye on your stations and avoid overdue visits all in good time.

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Consultancy, Training & Service

The KISTERS team with experts from the water management and IT industries support the entire life cycle of your water solution right from the beginning with extensive consulting: We select the readymade standard modules to build and configure the exact solution that fits your business needs. Training offers and manuals tailored to your organization, round-the-clock internet support and a telephone hotline all serve to help you with any operational issues.


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