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HydroMaster helps limit the impact of heavy rain events in Spain

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MeteoGroup, KISTERS and DHI expand HydroMaster Territory to Spain

Madrid-Spain, October 2018  - Extreme precipitation events are increasing in frequency, with climate projections indicating that this trend will continue in future.  Following the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), this is particularly the case in countries around the Mediterranean like Spain, who are likely to face in the future more severe and prolonged periods of drought, as well as, perhaps surprisingly, more intense showers and thunderstorms interrupting the drought. 

Hence KISTERS, MeteoGroup and DHI are happy to announce the addition of Spain as fifth country in Europe where the HydroMaster product becomes available. The 3 parties have earlier this year joined forces combining their respective expertise in software, forecasts and hydrological modelling.

With HydroMaster covering the complete Spanish territory with radar, precipitation observations and forecasts, the application supports now also Spanish customers to limit the impact of heavy rain events on operations, assets and infrastructures. This professional cloud service for weather information and forecasts has already proven in several countries like UK, Germany and France to support local authorities, cities and municipalities, infrastructure owners, water utility companies and basin authorities to be better informed and prepared.

HydroMaster offers a live web service for viewing, analysing and archiving historical, current and upcoming precipitation events. With its high spatial and temporal resolution and detailed warning functions, HydroMaster is the perfect tool for effectively managing precipitation related risks and ensuring preventive actions are taken to minimise the impact on infrastructure and assets. HydroMaster integrates observation and forecast data based on calibrated high resolution rainfall radar, as well as refined deterministic and probabilistic forecasts, and visualizes information for individual hotspots, zones of interest and catchments.

Salud Alonso, meteorologist at MeteoGroup Espana added : “With HydroMaster arriving in Spain, we bring focus to what is perhaps the most important weather parameter - precipitation. By using the platform, you will have access to the most complete and accurate precipitation forecasts not just for any location but where it matters to you.  HydroMaster will help you in your daily work providing high quality observations and forecast. In addition, via HydroMaster you can experience the quality of our weather room, with our experienced forecasters supporting your decisions
Welcome to our precipitation application! “

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Situational awareness

Severe weather events pose a direct threat to life, health, infrastructure, production and assets. Such threats are becoming increasingly severe due to increased urbanisation, population growth and climate change.

Extreme and highly localised weather events are appearing more frequently, meaning stakeholders in civil protection and the supply industry require an increased awareness of future precipitation events in order to adjust their decision-making and actions to deal with potential impacts of climate change.

Juan Jose Benaventa, Managing Director KISTERS Ibérica said: “It is great news that Hydromaster is available in Spain. Being able to monitor observations and forecasts of precipitation in real time and generating the necessary warnings for an adequate management of minimizing the precipitation impact, has always been a notable technological challenge. Hydromaster will enable managers of infrastructures, civil protection, basin organizations and others, to have a tool that will help in making better decisions. In addition, being a service in the cloud, the need to invest in software, hardware or specialized personnel is avoided.” 

Screenshot Grafik HydroMaster Spanien
Cloud-Service HydroMaster helps limit the impact of heavy rain events in Spain.

Consultancy, Training & Service

The KISTERS team with experts from the water management and IT industries support the entire life cycle of your water solution right from the beginning with extensive consulting: We select the readymade standard modules to build and configure the exact solution that fits your business needs. Training offers and manuals tailored to your organization, round-the-clock internet support and a telephone hotline all serve to help you with any operational issues.


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