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Deriving hyperlocal insights for environmental monitoring and water management from sensor data

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New platform for sensor data: KISTERSdatasphere

Chester, 7th May 2020: Data-driven decision-making and data sharing are crucial for any organisation that needs to maximise the value from the data it collects and can access. Around the world, sensor networks such as the Internet of Things are generating ever-increasing volumes of data. In order to benefit from the mass of data at their fingertips, stakeholders need to convert data into useful information that empowers them to make the right decisions at the right time. The new cloud-based solution for sensor data ‘datasphere’ is a central data hub for applications like sensor network management, environmental monitoring, infrastructure/asset monitoring, building sustainable urban drainage systems, and incorporation with artificial or business intelligence systems. datasphere forms a huge analysable database by integrating sensor data from any sensor, forecast data, spatial data, open data, amongst others. From the data pool it derives meaningful local and hyperlocal insights. “Above that datasphere enables sharing sensor data across organisations. This makes it a useful tool for digital collaboration e.g. between several environmental authorities at the same town.” explains Michael Natschke, Business Development Manager at KISTERS.

datasphere is already used by several organisations in the UK and throughout Europe for intelligent decision support, smart networks, smart city solutions, and data sharing.

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The platform provider KISTERS combines proven big data technology, modern cloud technology and decades of expertise from the water sector in a ready-to-use live cloud-service at an affordable price. The scalable system is hosted in the secure certified KISTERS data center in Aachen/Germany. It is vendor agnostic and can integrate sensors from any provider; an own sensor kit is available from KISTERS daughter HyQuest Solutions. datasphere’s easy-to-use features for viewing, alarming and integration are available everywhere and anytime in a web browser.

Benefits from data sharing

Sensor data play an ever more important role in modern society. The bigger and more varied a data pool, the more interrelations can be identified to make the most informed decisions – provided that the data pool can be consolidated across organisations and teams, accessed and analysed. Here, a universal solution like datasphere can support. Sharing and jointly analysing data establishes a clear picture of a situation, facilitates deeper evaluation of problem areas and causes, and provides a new smarter way to solve once persistent problems. As the data pool grows with the addition of new measurement points as well as open and commercial data, datasphere will reveal more detailed hyperlocal insights.


About KISTERS and HyQuest Solutions

KISTERSdatasphere is a product of KISTERS Group. KISTERS is a medium-sized IT company with more than 600 employees, headquartered in Aachen/Germany, and at numerous international subsidiaries. Environmental data management is the core of our business and passion right from the founding of the company as an engineering consultancy in 1963. Today, our IT experts and engineers develop professional software solutions for water resources management. KISTERS’ subsidiary HyQuest Solutions designs and manufactures our own brand of precision instruments, sensors and data loggers for hydrological, environmental and air quality monitoring networks. KISTERS‘ tailor-made solutions are used worldwide by local, regional, national and supra-national authorities, associations, engineering offices and research institutions.


Image: Open data from the English Environment Agency integrated with hyperlocal sensor data visualised in the customisable datasphere dashboard in the web browser. (© KISTERS AG)

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Consultancy, Training & Service

The KISTERS team with experts from the water management and IT industries support the entire life cycle of your water solution right from the beginning with extensive consulting: We select the readymade standard modules to build and configure the exact solution that fits your business needs. Training offers and manuals tailored to your organization, round-the-clock internet support and a telephone hotline all serve to help you with any operational issues.


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