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for the Seattle metropolitan region (USA)

A new web portal shows people in the Seattle region (USA) comprehensive information on the quality of their water bodies. The portal provides integrated biological, habitat and water chemistry information, showing the overall health of the watershed. It is based on WISKI, the Water Information System KISTERS, which replaced the outdated system and has provided many improvements:

  • Public education: The population is better informed about the state of its waters and can always obtain up-to-date information on the internet.

  • Data-based decisions: Stakeholders in the districts get an improved data basis to make their decisions with more scientific knowledge and transparency.

  • Response to environmental threats: Analysts and engineers use WISKI's analyses to better manage stormwater and watersheds, and to detect and respond to environmental threats.

Further informationen in the project report: [download pdf]

Visit the new web portal: [portal Pierce County]

Further informationen on WISKI and KISTERS Water Solutions: [hier]


Pierce County Water Data Viewer:

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