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Now Online: Global Water Quality Database GEMStat based on KISTERS Solutions

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The United Nations Global Environmental Monitoring System (GEMS) Water Program is dedicated to providing environmental water quality data of the highest quality, integrity, accessibility and interoperability.

The GEMStat database hosts datasets of ground and surface waters providing a global overview of the condition of water bodies and the trends at global, regional and local levels. The water quality data is used for status evaluation, policy-making, and research purposes or within the scope of education and training initiatives.

Renewal of GEMStat with KISTERS solutions

When the International Center for Water Resources and Global Change (ICWRGC) based in Koblenz took over the hosting of GEMStat in 2014, it was decided to renew the complete system from data storage to management and analysis to publication. For that, they chose KISTERS water quality solutions. We have developed a new water portal specifically for GEMStat. What is special: discrete sampling data can be managed, validated and analysed along with continuously measured real time sensor data in order to provide comprehensive results. In addition, the flexible data structures, powerful calculation algorithms and functionalities for scripting and graphics that are standard within our solution are advantageous. Various further developments are already planned.

Here you can see GEMStat live:

Valid and reliable data

More than 100 countries provide water quality data from their own monitoring networks – that is more than 3,700 stations, over 100 determinands and close to 4.3 million data records dating back to 1965. The provision of the data is extremely heterogeneous. While some countries deliver their data via web services, others send paper-based data that must be entered into the database by GemStat staff. GEMStat ensures the validity, reliability and security of the collected data.

The software developments from the GEMStat portal are now part of our all-in-one water solution. This means all users benefit from the combination of discrete and continuous data as well as various new technologies and functions implemented.

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