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New: Managing radiology data for bodies of water in WISKI

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Data from radiation monitoring for bodies of water can now be managed and evaluated in WISKI.

To complete the description of a given body of water, information on the decay processes of radioisotopes needs to be identified alongside the hydrological, hydraulic, chemical and ecological parameters. The radioactivity of a body of water can be of entirely natural origin, but may also be increased due to the entry of radioactive substances from human activity into the water.

National, regional and, in certain cases, local institutions are responsible for measuring, managing and evaluating the radiology of bodies of water around the world. Emissions guidelines govern the local discharge of radioisotopes through bodies of water and the monitoring of this. National measurement networks monitor the radiology of bodies of water in a comprehensive manner using detection limits that facilitate comparisons with permissible dose limits.


Implementation in WISKI

KISTERS has developed new functionalities for WISKI. As a result, there are now

  • Expanded time-series attributes: contain radiological information such as the result of the conversion of count rates into becquerels, the validity of values, and the identification of values that fall below the detection limit
  • New multiplot graphics: allow for the presentation of the state of the data in a selected time range with the aid of user-defined color coding. Examples: valid data values in black, implausible values in orange, values that fall below the detection limit in violet, values that trigger an alarm in red, etc.
  • Radiological calculation algorithms for the calculation of derived time series that also evaluate the plausibility and detection limit, for example
  • Correctors and validators for radiological parameters

The KISTERS Alarm Manager is an ideal additional tool for flagging irregularities in the monitoring network or exceedances of limit values to the relevant persons and institutions. [Further information on the Alarm Manager]


Tried and tested in service

The German Federal Institute of Hydrology (BfG) is the state body in Germany with responsibility for measuring and monitoring natural gamma and beta radiation in federal waterways. This body places its trust in WISKI and the new and additional features described above.

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