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New: HydroMaster Cloud Service for Precipitation Information and Warnings

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Due to increased urbanisation, population growth and climate change, extreme precipitation events are increasing in frequency and heaviness. They pose a direct threat to life, health, infrastructure, production and assets. This trend will continue in future.

Best prepared with HydroMaster

In order to limit the impact of heavy rain events, KISTERS and MeteoGroup developed HydroMaster, a new cloud service for weather information, forecast and warnings. HydroMaster helps local authorities, cities and municipalities, infrastructure owners and utility companies to be better informed and prepared and thus to take preventive actions timely.

HydroMaster offers a live web service for viewing, analysing and archiving historical, current and upcoming precipitation events in a web browser. With its high spatial and temporal resolution and detailed warning functions, the service makes an important contribution to the protection against extreme rainfall and floods. HydroMaster integrates observation and forecast data based on calibrated high resolution rainfall radar, and visualizes information for individual hotspots in maps, graphs and tables. Exactly tailored to your needs, of course: You can enter your own hotspots, zones and catchments, and above that define your own alerts and create your own dashboard.

Senior Projectmanager Water

Dr. Christoph Schweim

Consultancy, Training & Service

The KISTERS team with experts from the water management and IT industries support the entire life cycle of your water solution right from the beginning with extensive consulting: We select the readymade standard modules to build and configure the exact solution that fits your business needs. Training offers and manuals tailored to your organization, round-the-clock internet support and a telephone hotline all serve to help you with any operational issues.