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KiDIP: Extract, Transform, Load

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Despite all standardization efforts, the IT landscape of data, files and formats is getting ever more heterogeneous. The homogenization of data flows remains a big challenge – and this is especially true in typical data management and data analytics applications serviced by KISTERS software products.

ETL-Tools (Extract, Transform, Load) have the task of providing easy to use yet powerful mechanisms to extract data from numerous file formats, transform them into whatever is needed and load them into a common data sink. KiDIP, KISTERS’ new Data Integration Platform, is an enhanced and extended evolution of KISTERS’ field-proven scripting environment KiScript. In a nutshell, KiDIP provides connectors to KISTERS and third-party data systems and allows the user to quickly transform data thanks to KiDIPS’s huge library for data processing. With KiDIP you gain …

  • independence in your IT landscape from data formats and software providers, and
  • a tool to close gaps in business logic implementations!

Application areas & benefits

KiDIP met with great interest at the WISKI User Conference in June 2016. Attendees of the KiDIP workshop identified the following application areas:

  • adaptation and extension of the customer system by the customer himself (or the customer’s IT guys)
  • rapid prototyping (e.g. small system integration solutions)
  • mass data streaming
  • data fusing, i.e. integration of data from different sources into a single data product
  • tailor-made reporting
  • ETL tasks
  • data migration and comparison
  • integration of third party and other KISTERS systems (e.g. ESB plus scripting)
  • script tasks in Camunda processes

and many more …

Please read more here: [Forum for questions around KiDIP & KiScript]

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