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Flood Forecasting with the US National Water Model

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The National Water Model NWM of the United States of America is a dynamic initiative with a wide variety of contributors including KISTERS.

The NWM forecasts are intended to serve federal and local government who work with emergency managers, watershed authorities, industry, scientists and many more stakeholders to prevent and respond to flood risks.

KISTERS has developed a project using NWM forecasts for flood impacts at stream and street level. By ingesting the forecasts into KISTERS’ big data technology stack, forecasted flow and precipitation, computed water level, and evaluations of forecast data versus actual gage measurements are provided to ESRI for geoprocessing and the creation of inundation maps. As a result, emergency management professionals can easily view approximate flood levels and address inundation using 18-hour or 10-day forecasts.

Read more about the National Water Model and KISTERS’ contribution:

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