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Water Academy

Questionnaire to course offer of the Water Academy

KISTERS is starting a customer questionnaire for the Water Academy 2018. We want to improve our course offer in the unit water to better align with our customers' needs and requirements.

We would appreciate it if you would take a couple of minutes to answer the questions in the five blocks.

*Required Disclosures

Customer survey to the academy

WATER / ACADEMY / Questionaire

Block: courses in general
KISTERS would like to improve the course offer to better align with our customers’ wishes and requirements. This does not only apply the courses content itself but also how the courses are implemented, where they should take place or even take place at all. For us it is also very interesting to find out whether out customers are interested in participating in courses which are built on each other to further the knowledge of WISKI and its associated packages.
Block: participation in general
Not only is your interest in our courses of relevance but also your motivation and reasons for a participation in the courses of KISTERS.
  1. technical education (i.e rating curves)
  2. specialists education (i.e. WISKI)
  3. certified education (i.e. WISKI expert)
  4. on site education (i.e. in your building)
  5. online education (i.e. your working place)
  6. Inexpensive education
  7. advanced in depth education (i.e. Python or KiScript)
Block: Webinars
Webinars offer a relatively easy and uncomplicated form of presenting topics and functions of our software solutions independently from time and space.
KISTERS is planning to inform our users of newest developments and new functions. A first test in 2017 showed great interest.
Furthermore it is planned to display often used work flows via webinar which allow our users to watch then whenever they want and try be oneself.
Block: Information and Registration
Besides our courses we would like to know how to optimise our organisational processes to inform you better and faster as well as hot to simplify the registration.
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