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KiDSM Automatisation

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Course content:

The one-day seminar addresses WISKI administrators and WISKI System operators who want to learn how to administrate and manage scheduled processes with KiDSM in order to optimise automated imports and transfer jobs to their WISKI system.

Learn more about the new KiDSM Client as a portal application. Understand how to configuration scheduled task, data transfer jobs and how to run KiDSM with WISKI operations. Examples from the attendees can be used for the exercises.

Course topics:

  • Overview KiDSM, system architecture and portal application
  • Terms and definitions
  • Configuration of data locations in KiDSM
  • Using filters
  • Setting up and managing scheduled tasks
  • Setting up and managing data transfer jobs
  • Using converter
  • Application of WISKI operations in KiDSM
  • Troubleshooting in KiDSM


  • WISKI system administration knowledge is essential

Course training:

Additional info:

Deadline for registration is the 15th October 2019. Registration is binding and will be confirmed 7 days before the course begins. A minimal number of registrations is required for the viability of the course.

You will get a training account for our online training system with a validity of two weeks.

Included in the fees are training materials, training certificate as well as light lunch and refreshments.


Date: 06th November 2019

Time: 10:00 - 17:00

Location: Riverside Innovation Centre

Castle Drive

Chester, CH1 1SL, UK

Attendees: min. 4, max. 10 people

Price: £500 p.p.*


*(for the first user per organisation per pay. All further users per organisation would get a 10% discount)


Registration is binding and will be confirmed 7 days before course begin.

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