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Water Management

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Surface Water Hydrology

Software Solutions for Hydrology

Groundwater hydrology

Software Solutions for hydrology

Water Quality and
Aquatic Ecosystems

Software Solutions for Water Quality & Aquatic Ecosystems

Meteorology and

Software Solutions for Meteorological and Climatological Data

Urban Water Systems

Software Solutions for Urban Water Systems

Resource Management

Software Solutions for Resource Management


New subsidiary opens in Chester, UK

KISTERS is expanding its commitment to the UK market

Water under your control

HydroMaster, the cloud service for precipitation information and warnings goes live

Case Study: Water, Food and Energy Nexus in Pakistan

The communities in Pakistan are becoming increasingly reliant on groundwater but the water table is...

WISKI User Conference 2017

In 2017 the WISKI User Conference will have an international focus again: Take your chance to meet...

Expertise is key to market

We offer a unique combination of software and water domain experts. With interdisciplinary and international teams of experts we are able to provide professional software solutions for the water industries and deliver it straight into various geographical markets. Global expertise for all a facets of water are managed between North America, Europe, Australia and Asia.

Each area of expertise is closely connected with the industry’s communities. The bidirectional transfer of knowledge and capacity building is a key factor for us to continue to work for the market and its requirements.


Surface Water Hydrology

Our water resources are limited and unevenly distributed over space and time.


Groundwater Hydrology

Our expertise supports groundwater managers to integrate and analyse the data they need to effectively manage ...


Water Quality & Aquatic Ecosystems

The quality of water resources and aquatic ecosystems receive growing attention from water managers.


Meteorology and Climatology

Weather refers to the highly dynamic day-to-day state of the atmosphere, whereas climate describes weather statistics ....

Urban Water Systems

Urban areas intersect with the water domain in a variety of ways. Those disciplines range from meteorology and hydrology ....


Resource Management

Operators of multi-purpose reservoir systems, hydropower companies, mining enterprises, agriculture ....

Intergovernmental Organisations (IGO)

Intergovernmental organisations establish data centres to manage water resources across the borders.

National, Federal, State, Provincial and Regional Agencies

On a global scale there is a clear objective and commitment to protect and regulate the water bodies.

Cities and Local Government

One issue common to small, medium-sized, and larger cities is the management of sewage and storm water within their urban environment.

Water Utilities

The diverse activities operated by water utilities rely on real time and high quality data: from raw water intake, drinking water treatment ...

Mining Industry

Mine operators must have a water management plan at hand that ensures compliancy to local environmental regulations.


Agricultural ecosystems are increasingly affected by climate change. Changes in precipitation patterns, increasing number of extreme weather events ...

Hydro Power

Hydro power is the most flexible renewable energy resource. Reservoir or run-of-the-river power plants and pumped-storage hydroelectricity plants ...

Efficient Software Solutions for Water Management

Decision makers in authorities and companies benefit from KISTERS Solutions in everyday operations and future-proof decision making. The quality, performance and efficiency of the solutions provide best support in surface and groundwater monitoring, meteorology, flood forecasting, reservoir operation and safety, water quality and urban drainage.

With the combination of our market and software knowledge we are able to provide a unique service to you.
We support you by making your processing steps easy, repeatable and scalable.

KISTERS Surface Water

We adopt to your data and workflows - Surface water management generates a series of data and workflows.

KISTERS Groundwater

KISTERS Groundwater Solution provides groundwater managers with the data they need to effectively manage groundwater resources.


If as standalone or as module of your enterprise solution, the quality of your ratings will increase with the combination of methods and tools.

KISTERS Gaugings

We provide a single solution to manage and evaluate all your flow gauging data according to domain proven methods.

KISTERS FieldVisits

Plan and perform your field trips on laptops and mobile devices. We configure your digital entry forms according your onsite workflows and procedures.

KISTERS Forecast

We offer real time combination of monitoring networks with meteorological and hydrological forecast in a single and scalable system.

KISTERS Water Quality

Built using proven, reliable technologies and knowledge gained from a world-wide customer base, our solution will meet all your organisation’s daily and long term ...

KISTERS Water Analytics

In times of growing populations, strong climate variations affecting the predictability of water resources, and increasing numbers of regions facing water scarcity ...


KISTERS Water Portal

Develop a 360° view on all your water data and integrate water quality, droughts and floods, surface water and groundwater paired with meteorological information into a single portal.


Useful meteorological data is essential for information and warning systems in areas such as hydrology, water supply, sewage treatment & disposal, agriculture ...


HydroMaster receives radar data in real time and precipitation observations in high spatial and temporal resolution. You receive your forecasted situation for up ...

KISTERS and Open Standards

Water data management processes many different data structures. It requires a combination of point location, spatial data, tabular data, sparse observations and continuous measurements to derive results and find conclusions.

KISTERS and Open Data

Water is a scarce resource and is challenging the water managers day in and out. The Water Energy Food Nexus requires open access to available information and more than ever before, decision makers, managers and experts ...

KISTERS Big Data Analytics

As recent developments continue to accelerate the digitization of the economy, data-driven decision making is getting more and more in the focus of businesses. Research has shown that organizations that drive their business operations and strategy on data, are among the top-tier of their industry.

Consultancy, Training & Service

The KISTERS team with experts from the water management and IT industries support the entire life cycle of your water solution right from the beginning with extensive consulting: We select the readymade standard modules to build and configure the exact solution that fits your business needs. Training offers and manuals tailored to your organization, round-the-clock internet support and a telephone hotline all serve to help you with any operational issues.